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Justice for Michelle Vigil

21 Jul , 2016  

The first week of June marked the seventh anniversary of the rape and murder of Michelle Samaweera in Walthamstow, East London.

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, women across London and Michelle’s family called an emergency vigil outside the Indian Embassy to demand justice for Michelle.

This is one of the most serious cases of sexual violence against women in the UK – yet there has been so far little media or government attention about this tragic case. During the vigil, authorities from the Embassy agreed to a meeting. We are still waiting….




Walthamstow Snap Poll: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?

20 Jun , 2016  

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?


Walthamstow woman wins our clothes competition…. And gets a job too!

6 Jun , 2016  

Cheryl in Navy Dress and Jacket

Cheryl McQueen of Walthamstow recently entered our competition to win £100 of Next vouchers.

She ended up winning them, spending them on a beautiful navy jacket and print spliced dress – which she then wore to a recent job interview!

Congratulations Cheryl on not only winning the clothes but getting the job too!

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Keep it Co-op Video : Vote Yes to Motion 12 at the Co-op AGM

13 May , 2016  


Whether it’s championing fair tax, training the next generation of co-operative activists, or taking on the payday lenders, I’m proud to be a Labour & Co-operative MP.

That’s why I made this video. Because right now, members of the Co-operative Group are voting on whether to continue the link between the Co-operative Party and the Co-operative Group. When your ballot paper arrives for the annual Co-op Elections and Annual General Meeting, I hope other Co-op members will join me in voting Yes to motion 12 on the political subscriptions to keep the link with the Co-op Party.  If you believe you are eligible and have not received a voting pack, contact Co-operative Group membership on 0800 023 4708.

Don’t forget, the deadline for voting is Midday on Wednesday 18th May 2016. Let’s keep it going. Let’s Keep it Co-op.

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Stronger E17, Stronger In: Campaigning in the European Referendum

8 May , 2016  

labour in

Walthamstow has always recognized that we are stronger together; that whatever the issue – be it defending Whipps Cross, fighting for the future of the Butterfields estate or seeking #justice4michelle, the campaigns and causes that we drive forward as a community are effective because local people work together to affect change.

The same principle applies to our country and the future. In the coming decades we will be more likely to overcome the challenges we face- including matters such as climate change, global trade, international development or security- when we work in cooperation not isolation. The European Union offers us the opportunity to do just that, increasing our bargaining power around the world and so the opportunities open to our economy, society and culture.

Over 60% of UK small business exports go to Europe – being part of the EU means every country is our home market. Staying will ensure that when it comes to deciding the rules of trade, the decisions reflect our interests. In contrast, leaving would not stop our neighbours from making decisions that affect our lives, but would mean they would not have to involve us in the choices they make.

Its not just on trade that we can achieve more together than we could alone. Whether fighting terrorism, tackling pollution or supporting efforts to tackle islamophobia or anti Semitism our best hopes of success lie in sharing our ideas, information and actions with those around us. That’s because being part of the European Union gives us real power to shape the world around us- and it’s a power we should use as we build a Europe able to help us take on the challenges of the next fifty years. Its too important to all our prospects to walk away. A better future for Britain means leading in Europe, not leaving it.

The European Referendum will be held on June 23 2016. That’s why in the coming weeks my priority will be to campaign for Britain to stay in the European Union – if you would like to help with this please do get in touch on

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Walthamstow Says Welcome: The Wilcumstowe Wagons Appeal!

3 May , 2016  

alf and crowd

Donate here to help us fund two Wilcumstowe Wagons for the refugees in Calais  

On Sunday 1 May, over 70 activists from Walthamstow  welcomed Alf Dubs to our community to discuss how we can help support child refugees fleeing from conflict around the world. Alf himself came to the UK in 1939 on the Kindertransport scheme- now he’s leading the campaign in parliament to give unaccompanied children refuges in the camps in Calais the same protection. We’re delighted to hear that the Government has now u-turned and will be supporting his campaign- and we know there is more to do to help those fleeing persecution around the world.

That’s why we’re fundraising to support ‘Side by Side’ to provide two caravans for those currently in the camps. You can find out more about ‘Side by Side’ here and donate online at the link below:

Donate here to help us fund two Wilcumstowe Wagons for the refugees in Calais  

We are also working with other organisations helping refugees, both based in Calais and in Walthamstow. Here are their details if you would like to get involved- or you can sign up for updates on this campaign by emailing

Convoy to Calais


FB page:

A convoy will be taking materials to Calais on Sat 18 June at 10am


Olive Oil collection for the refugee community kitchen in Calais

Run by Maud Milton

FB page:

Food donations will be collected by Thurs 5 May – please see FB page for the drop off points and required donations. Also see page 16 of the Walthamstow Echo for further details of drop offs and a forthcoming fundraising event:


Migrants Organise

Zrinka Bralo, Chief Executive

Address: 2 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL


Office: 0208 964 4815

Mobile: 07954 402 147

Twitter: @ZrileB

Twitter: 2migrantsorg


Refugees Welcome campaign


Refugees Welcome are linked to Citizens UK who have regular local meetings


Walthamstow Migrant Action Group

Twitter: @e17migrants

FB page:


Eva Zienau – a musician and fundraiser who volunteers in Calais

Twitter: @evadestruktion

Twitter: @calhungerstrike

FB name: Ooha Zee


Kurdish Community Centre

Yuksel Gonul helps Syrian women in Turkey and will be working to help Yazidi women


FB page:


Stand up to Racism are organising Breaking Borders: 2 an art exhibition

Raising money for refugees

Dates: Sat 28 May – Sun 5 June

Venue: Ye Old Rose and Crown Theatre Pub

53 – 55 Hoe Street E17 4SA

Contact Esther to submit



Homes for Good

Encourages families to consider fostering and adopting


Circular Firing-up Squad – Cheerleading women to success – Central London Tuesday 26 April

20 Apr , 2016  

What advice would you give your fourteen year old self?
And what does that have to do with helping women onto success? Curious? In 2016 I’ll be running more circular firing up squad workshops for women which are designed to support their leadership ambitions and potential –below are the details of how to join the first one of these circular firing up squad workshops of 2016!
These free workshops are your opportunity to support women in Britain to stand for and seek positions across our public, voluntary and private sector.
But this one is different. We want YOU to use the model to spread it out to women across civil society – so we’re calling women who want to support other women to success – to come along to our special TRAIN THE TRAINER firing-up squad on Tuesday 26 April.
Please note this event is for self-defining women only.
Tuesday 26 April
7pm – 8.30pm Parliament
To sign up please email

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Walthamstow Healthcare Campaign Introduction Event – Houses of Parliament Monday 18 April

11 Apr , 2016  


We all know what a big issue access to healthcare is for our community and in particular the difficulties many face in accessing GP services. As someone who has previously signed up to get healthcare campaign updates we wanted to invite you to an event at parliament we are having next week to bring Patient Participation Groups together as well as those interested in joining one.

We will be discussing the healthcare challenges in our area as well as talk about ways we can get more people involved in healthcare campaigns locally.

For some more context you can hear Stella on The Today Programme this morning speaking about PFI debt and the challenges ahead. Starts at around 2 hours, 54 minutes.

Anyone interested in attending should email to RSVP.

There will be a number of guest speakers as well as an opportunity for those involved in setting up PPGs to talk about the experiences. We hope this event will be the beginnings of work to make healthcare accessible to everyone in Walthamstow and for a #HealthyE17.

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Circular Firing-up Squad – Brighton Thursday 21 April

14 Mar , 2016  

11001802_866425900083481_7427927470769535473_n (2)

What advice would you give your fourteen year old self? and what does that have to do with helping women onto success? Curious? in 2016 I’ll be running more circular firing up squad workshops for women which are designed to support their leadership ambitions and potential – below are the details of how to join our next circular firing up squad!

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The Tampon Tax and What it Tells us about Equality and Europe: Speech at the Wow Festival Saturday 12th March 2016

13 Mar , 2016  


I’m a politician and I come from the Marxist tradition of politics. The Groucho Marx tradition that is — he said politics was the art of making trouble. And I’m here to talk about women’s trouble…what am I talking about today? The Tampon Tax. More…